Flanagan fly - everytime

Plot:  For the fourth time, it's a brand new year at McKinley , with the loss of 9  New Directions  members due to graduations  and Rory 's departure. Blaine , Tina , Brittany and former Vocal Adrenaline lead, Unique , are in competition to decide who's the new leader, or "The New Rachel." Back in New York, Rachel  settles in at NYADA , uncomfortable with Cassandra July 's dance lessons and befriends an upperclassmen, Brody Weston . Still longing for Finn after he let her leave for New York in Goodbye , she tries to move on from her heartbreak. In Lima, New Directions prepare to find new members and hold auditions for the Glee Club while Kurt struggles to spend time with Blaine and cope with his part-time job at The Lima Bean . 

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He’s spent the past three years interviewing and tracking highly successful people just to prove to himself that what he believed about success was empirically true. Guess what? Some of it was — but a lot of it was not.

Flanagan Fly - Everytime