Smokeshop - i can't live (without your love)

Gordon was interviewed for the 13-minute documentary in Gainesville, Fla., when he was let out of rehab for three days to get honest about his past in hopes of helping him stay clean. It was at least his fourth known stint in rehab, and he's been suspended for 43 of his last 48 games with the Browns.

I recently tested a guy who just got out of prison for 60 days. He came to me because he needed to stay clean or go back to jail. He hadn’t used in prison, or in the one week since he got out, yet he tested positive for marijuana. Shocked, I asked him to tell me the honest truth. He told me that he was using butane hash oil at 60 to 80% THC prior to getting locked up, and he hadn’t touched it since. Assuming he was being truthful, which I have no reason to doubt, that means that the THC stayed in his urine for well beyond what most people believe is possible.

I’ve taken to walking Macha bundled up (she has a coat too), and enjoying a smaller cigar on the porch with the propane heater, smaller cigars are harder to deal with while wearing gloved (and any cigar is impossible with mittens!).¬† I seem to have a ton of robustos and coronas, so this is a good time of year to smoke some of them. My usual procedure is to walk Macha with a large cigar and finish the cigar on the porch, so this times out about the same. This evening, for example, we bundled up and took a walk, then I came back and lit the heater and a CroMagnon Mode 5, a delicious little perfecto, and last night it was a LG Diez from La Flor Dominicana, which was equally delicious.¬† They are predicting another snow tonight, and I see where a lot of places in the south had snow that don’t usually get it. My condolences, I’m getting too old for this crap…

Smokeshop - I Can't Live (Without Your Love)Smokeshop - I Can't Live (Without Your Love)Smokeshop - I Can't Live (Without Your Love)